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Stamped concrete or imprinted or textured concrete has the ability to replicate stones such as flagstone, slates, tiles or bricks and even wood. Due to its wide variety of color and pattern choices makes stamped concrete very popular to use for adding your own personal touch to your patio, your driveway or even your pool deck.

Another great benefit of using stamped concrete is the fact that it is quite an affordable paving solution that also requires a lot less maintenance compared to some other decorative hardscaping materials.

Stamped concrete driveway in the neighborhood of Scott Plantation in Mobile AL.
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Concrete has a superior durability and weather resistance which makes it the perfect choice to use on your premises. Due to its variety in color, stamped concrete can achieve a high-end look to your courtyard, sidewalks, walkways, driveways and patios.

Stamped concrete actually has an unlimited amount of color and pattern options to choose from.
If you lack the inspiration you can always have a look at your surrounding landscapes or perhaps check out your home’s architect style. Choose that pattern and color combination and convert that on to your concrete project.

If you need help in choosing the right color or pattern for your new stamped concrete project you can always connect with our team of designer that will guide you through it.

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When it comes to concrete patterns, the most popular types of stamped concrete patterns are some of the natural stone patterns which include flagstones, fieldstones and slates. Closely followed by cobblestones, wood patterns and brick patterns.

S&G Concrete Driveways Mobile in AL also offers stamped concrete designs that are seamless. These designs do provide textures but they do not include joint patterns. All these patterns can be pressed into the concrete, no matter the complexity.

Color wise, the most popular colors currently being chosen by our customers has to be various types of grays and earth tone colors. This could also depend on the pattern that you choose in your design. Brick patterns tend to be accompanied by red tone colors for example.

All colors can be layered or mixed and even ages with tints or certain stains. The possibilities when it comes to coloring is endless. Additionally, multiple colors can be used by our clients within the same stamped concrete project. If you wish to learn more feel free to contact our staff per phone or by filling in our contact form.

If we have a look at some of the major benefits of using stamped concrete these are the pros you need to know:

  • Stamped concrete is much more affordable if you compare it to the usage of bricks, pavers or natural stones
  • It will enhance your outdoor living spaces aesthetically whilst also adding value to your premises
  • Choosing to go for stamped concrete means you will have limitless options in regards to color and pattern choices
  • You have the option to add a non-skid additive to help prevent you and your loved ones from slipping
  • Once sealed it is very easy to maintain
  • It is extremely durable

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