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No definite answer comes to mind as to whether Garage Tiles, Garage Mats or Epoxy Flooring suits your needs best. There are mainly three choices of material that is best suited for flooring: Garage Tiles, Epoxy Flooring, or Garage Mats.

During purchase of flooring for your garage or business, a lot of factors are considered: vehicle size, traffic volume, product performance capacities, budget, traffic, etc.

A garage floor installation with sealing for a home in Second Creek area in Mobile AL.
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Your due diligence saves money, time, and any form of heartache, because vehicular traffic requires a specific form of design which entails quality garage flooring, and this is quite a huge investment.

The pros and cons of each product are discussed below for you to make a great decision in your garage floor installation:

Exoxy Paint

Epoxy floor coatings have the advantage of being cheap. Also, cleaning them is easy because they have a non-stick surface and this makes cleaning a non-stressful process. Their durability could extend up to 20 years.

They are manufactured with different chemical compositions in order to meet the demands of different floors such as oil stained floors, bonding to a previous epoxy coating, acid resistance, or waterproofing. They also come in various colors and grades to satisfy different needs.

The downside to this type of floor is that it must be cleaned and you must be able to etch or grind the floor properly, else, the epoxy would have a hard time properly bonding to the concrete. The epoxy must be protected with a urethane topcoat, which is a very important step in the flooring process. The floor’s down time exceeds by a great margin, that of a mat or garage tile.

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Roll Out Garage Mats

The price of Roll Out Garage Mats is wedged between the price of Epoxy and Garage Floor Tiles. All you need to do is simply roll them out because the needed size to fit your floor is what you need to install, and this would take about 30 minutes. This is by far the easiest floor to install.

A waterproof permanent seam is produced by the fusion of many mats. The pros of roll out garage mats are that they are unaffected by vehicle fluids or road salts, are durable, beautiful, and quite easy to clean. Plus, they are not slippery, unlike vinyl garage mats.

It is advisable to sweep off any debris before installation, no floor prep is needed. Mats achieves a dual purpose of both upgrading your floor’s appearance and hiding the blemishes of the floor. They are also very easy to install over any floor, and are budget-friendly.

The cons to these mats are that they do not last long; just about 5 years guarantee, and they are not as eye-catching as a garage tile floor or an epoxy floor. They have dual benefits; they are cheap and easy to install.

Garage Floor Tiles

A high quality garage tile floor has very few competitors. When selecting the garage floor tiles for your house, there are a wide variety of designs and materials to choose from. Some of your choices include interlocking floor tiles, rubber garage floor tiles, porcelain or even peel and stick vinyl garage tiles.

Garage flooring tiles can be custom built with pattern, paint, texture, and durability in mind to suit whatever flooring needs you have. No matter what kind of product you want, you can’t go wrong with your garage floor tiles. They can add personality, flair and elegance to your design. Plus, you’re going to get a floor that’s easy to maintain.

The high cost is one of the cons of the garage floor tiles. They are the most expensive when it comes to floor installation. By overlooking or bypassing the factor of cost, the garage floor tiles are the best option, except the owner specifically doesn’t want these tiles.

The choice of tile to install is solely the choice of the buyer, which can be influenced by personal taste or a planned budget. Providing the needed information for the buyer to make an informed decision is what we seek to achieve.

Which Garage Floor Should I Choose?

Product comparison on a close range of quality options is greatly influenced by the budget and the personal taste of the buyer. To make an excellent purchase of a flooring product, quality is the most important purchasing factor to be considered.

The buyer alone can determine which product suits him most and can have his durability needs by putting his budget into consideration. It is good to keep in mind that it’s better to purchase a low- cost product with high quality than a high-cost one with low quality.

Purchasing a lower-cost, higher-quality garage mat is better than buying a cheap garage tile, for instance. You will be satisfied with your purchase in the long run.

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