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During the warm summer days of Mobile, you know the best place to hang around and spent time with friends, having drinks and grilling some nice and beefy burgers is outside. A new concrete patio is what you will be needing to entertain your friends and family.

Just like all the other aspects of landscaping, concrete design and installation takes skill, vision, expertise and care. The same applies to installing concrete patio’s. Attention to detail is needed when creating and finalizing each and every concrete project. S&G Concrete Driveways Mobile is here to capture your vision whilst keeping the functionality you want.

A concrete patio is sealed for a home in the Milkhouse area in Mobile.
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A landscaper who is able to plant trees and flowers is quite easy, however finding a trusted concrete contractor who is able to turn your lumpy patio into a gorgeous durable and stylish patio is something else. It’s a good thing that you came across S&G Concrete Driveways Mobile in AL. When it comes to our concrete services, we are able to deliver concrete solutions to all your needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Concrete Patios?

For one, a concrete patio does not require regular maintenance compared to other materials.

Second, there are multiple features that can be implemented such as stamping, stenciling, engraving or texturing concrete. Applying these features will help your concrete patio resemble brick pavers or stones, without spending a fortune.

Third, concrete itself is extremely durable. While other materials such as wood can eventually crack or chip, concrete patio’s will last for years to come. Concrete patio’s will also not shift compared to bricks or pavers.

Fourth, Concrete is actually one of the most affordable building materials that can be used to build.
This same applies to building a concrete patio. Paving a patio with concrete is much more affordable than paving a wooden or stone patio.

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S&G Concrete Driveways Mobile in Alabama offers two different types of concrete patio’s to our customers, both residential and commercial:

  1. Standard concrete patio’s: Hardscaping is something that can be done on a small or large scale on your property. Our standard concrete patio will add a functional space outdoor for you and your family and friends to enjoy. Leave it to our team of designers to make sure your patio will look welcoming and elegant.

  2. Stamped concrete patio’s: Decorative concrete patio’s is a good way to give your premises a nice custom look while still keeping the costs low. Stamped concrete patios are created almost identical to standard concrete patio’s, apart from the fact that the concrete is being tinted prior to being poured. There are multiple stamped designs to choose of as they can resemble stones, tiles, bricks and much more.
Concrete patio finished by our professional staff for a home in Colonial Heights area in Mobile.

Get in touch with S&G Concrete Driveways Mobile and we will install a beautiful stylish and decorative concrete stenciling in your yard. Convert that simple slab into a gorgeous concrete patio for all to enjoy. Call our staff today to receive your free concrete patio estimate!

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